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Largest Automotive Batteries Stockist

Take a powerful ride with ATLASBX Car batteries. Whether it’s for an entry level vehicle or a high-end performance car, ATLASBX batteries provide reliable starting power that goes all the way through till the end of your journey. As always, ATLASBX’s outstanding product quality is the result of our innovative technology.
  • ATLASBX AGM / Suitable for all vehicles with Start-Stop systems
  • ATLASBX EFB / Enhanced Flooded Batteries for Start Stop vehicles
  • ATLASBX UHPB / Ultimate performance for a wide range of premium vehicles
  • ATLASBX SMF / Reliable power support for all applications
Demanding commercial vehicles require nothing less than the most powerful, reliable, durable batteries. The ATLASBX commercial batteries have excellent starting power to provide the best starting, higher reserve capacity and deep discharge cycling to provide the most reliable power. ATLASBX is the perfect power solution and has the right battery for every commercial vehicle. As always, ATLASBX’s outstanding product quality is the result of our innovative technology.
  • ATLASBX SHD /Powerful solutions for latest commercial vehicles
  • ATLASBX HD / Reliable starting power for standard use
ATLASBX Marine & RV Product get a superior and extraordinary battery for high-performance applications. ATLASBX thoroughly analyses consumer research and extracts useful data to develop Marine & RV battery which satisfy the diverse needs of drivers. The driver is always our top priority and this enables us to always be a step ahead with our innovative technology, making true Battery technology possible.
  • ATLASBX AGM / Enhanced Longer deep cycle life performance with AGM Technology
  • ATLASBX XDC / Extreme High starting and deep cycle capability
  • ATLASBX DC / High starting and extra reserve power for accessory loads
  • ATLASBX XV / High cranking power for a quick engine start

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