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Technical details for Atlasbx batteries include: Layout, Terminals, Hold-down, BCI Assembly figure.

Hereby find usefull information about ATLASBX Baterries in the following order:
How to handle Battery?


If treated with care and taking the proper precautions, lead acid batteries can be handled safely with minimum risk. However, lead acid batteries contain sulfuric acid which is both poisonous and corrosive. This makes them potentially hazardous and can cause serious injury when standard handling procedures and safety measures are not respected.


  • Always wear acid resistant clothing, protective goggles, PVC gloves and rubber boots.
  • Avoid smoking, sparks and flames near operating or charging lead acid batteries.
  • Keep metal objects away from terminals.
  • Batteries are heavy. Lift carefully and do not place on unstable surfaces.



  • Splashes in eyes : Wash out the eye with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes.
  • Splashes on skin : Remove contaminated clothing carefully and wash the affected skin areas with plenty of water.
  • Swallowed : Drink copious amounts of milk of magnesia, water or milk. Do not induce vomiting.


  • Keep batteries upright
  • Batteries should not be directly exposed to the sun.
  • Keep batteries clean and always store in a cool, dry place.
  • Never stack over 4 layers.
  • Never drop, never overthrow.
  • In all cases, (First in, First Out) storage procedure should be applied
  • Batteries must NEVER be disposed of in household waste.
  • Batteries are recyclable material.
  • Do not throw away.


* Date Coding System on the Cover
   (eg.) Date Code (MFG. Code) : 8AKJ01 means manufacturing date Jan.01.2018

Year Month Country MFG. Factory Date
8 A K J 01

8 = Year 2018
A = MFG. Month
      A(JAN), B(FEB), C(MAR), D(APR), E(MAY), F(JUN), G(JUL), H(AUG), J(SEP), K(OCT), L(NOV), M(DEC)
J = Jeonju Plant, D = Deajeon Plant  

Installation and recharging
Battery testing procedure

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