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New wide base trailer tyre with WESTLAKE’s latest technology for local and regional application.

Benefits and Features:
5-Rib tread and strong shoulder design provide excellent carrying capacity and longer tyre life.
Computer designed tyre structure provides excellent footprint profile and ensures superior comfort and even wear.
Special tread compound guarantees less fuel consumption with lower rolling resistance.
Stone ejectors in U-shape grooves minimize the stone holding and penetration


Service Index

Fuel Efficiency

Wet Traction Noise

Noise (dB)

385/55R22.5 160K(158L) B C 2 71
385/65R22.5 158L(160K) C C 2 71
425/65R22.5 165K C C 2 73
445/65R22.5 169K C C 2 73
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