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New trailer tyres with advanced WESTLAKE technology for long haul and regional application.

Benefits and Features:
Strong computer designed tyre casing guarantees outstanding capacity for heavy loads and highway.
Special sipes alongside tread ribs help to minimize heating for high speed running with heavy loads.
Special tread compound provides higher fuel efficiency with lower rolling resistance without sacrificing tyre mileage


Service Index

Fuel Efficiency

Wet Traction Noise

Noise (dB)

205/65R17.5 129/127J(130/130F) D C 2 71
215/75R17.5 135/133J D C 2 71
235/75R17.5 143/141J(144/144F) D C 2 71
245/70R17.5 143/141J(146/146F) D C 2 71
245/70R19.5 141/140J C C 2 71
265/70R19.5 143/141J C C 2 71
285/70R19.5 150/148J C C 2 72
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