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CHAOYANG was founded in 1958, which is from the mysterious Orient, nearby Qiantang River, next to Haichao Temple, one of the famous temples in Hangzhou. As shows, the morning sun rises slowly from the tides. Keep moving up, being passionate, rolling forward is our eternal pursuit.

We know that to achieve the best tire, we need great riders from different countries, testing our tire in different terrains and climates, complex environmental conditions. Your feedback will make it possible for us to improve CHAOYANG tire constantly. We need your passion. Let’s forward together!

Bicycle tyre structure consist of three main layers: Carcass/Casing, Bead and Rubber Tread.

Tyre carcass/casing is textile material coated with rubber and cut in certain angle to provide rolling stability and comfort riding experiance. Sometimes we also insert anti-puncture layer in tire carcass under tread.

Rubber tread is the key part contacting with the road, offering grip trough different tread pattern and rubber compound.

Tyre bead has many diameters, depends on the rim size. It's the core part to ensure tire seat firmly on the rim. Tyre bead is usually made of wire bundle or aramid fibers, which also decides tyre a wire or folding one.

Chaoyang Bicycle Tyres

At Chaoyang we produce most of bicycle tyres used in wide range of activities either for recreation, everyday use or competitive segment on the road or off road. We deliver tyres and tube for city/urban biking, cross-country, down hill, BMX and endurance. Our latest line is E-liner.

A full specific E-bike tyre range for MTB, City, Trakking, Road, Foldable bikes, all with ECE-R 75 certification, special E-bike compound for long durability and a sidewall construction that gives enough stability in any kind of surface.

E-bike compound is developed especially for E-bike use. It has low rolling resistance and excellent high speed grip, keeps your safety in fast cornering. The 60 km/h compound has even better grip and mileage.

Chaoyang E-liner Bicycle Tyres
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